Vaping With Induction Heaters Saves You Money

If you own a DynaVap, you may already know the cost that comes with it. It works with any lighter, but most people choose to use a torch that requires purchasing butane. By using a torch or lighter, people are consistently spending money to be able to use their DynaVap. You also have a very hot & large flame very close to your exposed skin or hair, making it a safety hazard. This can be solved by using an Induction Heater.

Torch vs. Induction Heater Cost

Torches have a wide range of prices, because of the size options and quality. DynaVap sells a Dual Torch (two torches in one) for $20 on their site. If you were to buy it, you would have already spent extra to be able to even use your DynaVap. The Dual Torch also uses a large amount of butane so it can heat your DynaCap fast, causing you to go through a can fairly quickly. Buying a can of butane from your local head shop would cost around $10-$15 depending on the size of the can and quality. Now you’re already up to $30-$35 extra on top of your initial DynaVap buy. And from now on, you will need to keep purchasing butane to keep your torch fueled. Over time, the cost of buying everything you need to use your DynaVap adds up. On top of all this, you’re not getting even heating all the way around for an optimal experience.

The Milky Machine Induction Heater is a cost-efficient and starter heater option for people looking to switch. We offer an affordable, yet powerful Induction Heater that will save you money in the long-run. Priced at $99, and including everything you need to use it immediately, is rarely seen on the market. With an EZ Vap Heater, you will never need to spend money on fuel again.

Torch vs. Induction Heater Safety

By using a DynaVap in general, you will need to take the right steps to ensure the safety of you and others. When dealing with any kind of hot object, you are risking injury. That being said, using a torch increases the risk of injury by many times compared to an Induction Heater. Not only the DynaCap is hot, but you are also holding a flame that could potentially burn you or your home.

Induction Heaters only heat up metal and cannot heat up skin, glass, wood, etc.. By not having a physical flame, many risk factors have been eliminated. Using a momentary button, The Milky Machine turns on and off instantly to ensure safety. Even though it can’t heat up skin, do not touch the inside of the coil and glass as it can get hot from heating up the DynaVap tip.

Spend Less on Product

Induction Heaters are perfect for making your product last as long as possible. They heat the DynaVap tip evenly all the way around, giving you every last bit of vapor. You’ll start to realize exactly how much you were wasting when using a torch before.

The Milky Machine gives milky vapor comparable to smoking. Test how many heating cycles you can get with The Milky Way and compare it to the performance from a torch. The difference is massive, because of the ability to heat the metal evenly. You may also notice you’re using a lot less of your product. Induction Heaters are the most optimal way to get what you pay for.

In conclusion, we truly believe our Induction Heaters will save you money. The reason we released an all included $99 heater, is so people have the option to buy an amazing heater on a budget. Many of our competitors use a 12V 6A power supply and do not include it in their purchase. Our heater uses a 12V 10A power supply which is included in every purchase. Whether you’re looking to enhance your DynaVap experience or switch to vaping from smoking, EZ Vap Heaters provides an affordable option for everyone.

  • Frank says:

    Torch’s are not as unreliable as you make them out to be. Induction heaters will save you no more on weed than a torch would.

    • Mathew says:

      Hi Frank, thanks for sharing! The purpose of this article was to talk about the cost difference rather than reliability. Don’t get me wrong, torches are a great and reliable way to use your DynaVap especially on the go! In the long run, it’s nice to have an induction heater so you stop spending money on butane but everyone has their own preferences. In my experience, I started to save a lot when switching to an induction heater personally but not everyone vapes the same. That’s the beauty of it!

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