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Induction Heater

The high power Milky Machine is made from fire-retardant UL94 5VA plastic and gives a milky DynaVap experience at a budget friendly price.

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The Milky Machine is an affordable & powerful option for anyone looking to use an Induction Heater. Using a DynaVap tip, you get 100% even heating so you never waste a thing.

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12v 10a power input

Our Induction Heater uses higher power than most competitors, and includes a 12V 10A power supply with every purchase.

Slide The Milky Machine EZ Vap Induction Heaters DynaCap Heating In Under 10 Seconds
12V 10A Power Supply Included
1-Year Warranty
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EZ Vap Heaters

Handmade in Dallas, TX

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Based out of Dallas, TX, we make high-quality Induction Heaters for DynaVap products. We offer DynaVap users an affordable yet powerful option, so anyone can enjoy the experience.